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Aldo Traffic Safety was started in the year 2000 with the intention of improving the impeding traffic conditions of our country. The idea led to constant innovation and adaptability in order to ensure human and structural safety. As a result of which our expertise in the field grew over time where we now consider ourselves as a holistic traffic safety systems solution provider.

From manufacturing, planning & design, on-site executions to technology integration, our vast experience enables us to deliver to the best of our customers expectations. We are registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council (C-2), authorized channel partners & converters of  3M and are enlisted with all major government and private entities. 

We have a dedicated team of professionals whom we consider as our core competence. Our team of qualified transportation engineers, civil engineers & business professionals work hard to ensure the implementation of traffic safety solutions.


Farooq Nazir


Omair Farooq Nazir


Wahid Shams

GM South

Awais Khalid

GM North

Ahmed Nawaz

GM Center

Rashid Ali Rana


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